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Signature Reserve

 The Whisky Paradise at the heart of The Fullerton Hotel Singapore.

A Quaich Bar & Whisky Butler collaboration.

Signature Reserve aims to bring whisky enjoyment and appreciation to you at an experiential level, where you will get to learn, experience, and explore whiskies from all over the world.

The first to introduce our very own professionally trained Whisky Butlers to take you through a sensory whisky experience, as well as the signature Whisky Omakase where you can experience only the very best pairings of whisky and food.

Want to explore the myriad styles of whiskies from distilleries all over the world? Try Signature Reserve’s Whisky Tasting Flights. Or if you would like try something different, there are Cocktails & More that matches the mood and palate for you.

Discover over 500 whiskies by the glass for you to taste and savour.

Our Policy

We Care About Our Guests

If you arrive and we are at capacity, please understand we are not trying to be exclusive in any way. We are about our guests, so much so that we are willing to turn some away so the ones inside can best enjoy their experience safely without being over crowded to ensure that we are all adhering to the Safe Measure Management guidelines.

We accept general reservations in accordance to current government Safe Measure Management guidelines (please enquire within)

Private room. We accept general reservations as advised by current government Safe Measure Management guidelines. Your guests will have private use of the room for a 3-hour period with a required $2000 minimum spend (food & drink). The room can be reserved with an open bar and food option.

If your party exceeds the initial guest count, we cannot guarantee accomodations. (We’ll do our very best though.)

We will hold reservations for up to 10 minutes. If you arrive after this, we cannot guarantee seating. (As always, we’ll do our very best.)

Signature Reserve does not allow guests to bring in any outside food & beverages (including desserts).


Whisky Butlers

Signature Reserve’s professionally trained Whisky Butlers — the first of its kind — will be helping you navigate and guide you through our extensive whisky menu.

You are encouraged to ask the Whisky Butlers on all things whisky, as it is our goal to elevate your whisky journey experience — like taking you on an exploration — discovering new flavours and sharing whisky insights that will leave you wanting more.


Whisky Omakase

Omakase is a concept affectionately known in the gastronomic world, translated literally; ‘respectfully leaving another to decide what is best’ or ‘I leave it up to you’.

At Signature Reserve, Whisky Omakase takes you on a journey into different specific flavour profiles and textures to pair perfectly with your selected Whisky flight.

You will be savouring the best pairing of food and whisky like never before.


Whisky Tasting Flights

(Drink Less Taste More)

Signature Reserve features over 500 whiskies on display that you can taste by the glass. Start exploring the myriad styles of whiskies from distilleries all over the world.

You can choose from some of the old and rare or the new limited edition (“collectors series”), or mainstream to lesser known boutique distilleries.

Or ask a Whisky Butler to find the perfect drink that suites your whisky palate.


Cocktails and More

While Signature Reserve is known as a whisky wonderland to whisky fans, we recognize that whisky may not be for everyone.

Whether if you are having a day off from your favourite liquid gold, or you are looking to try something different, do ask for Signature Reserve’s Cocktails & More.

Beyond whisky, Signature Reserve has an impressive range of boutique wines and bubblies, along with signature cocktails that are inspired from Singapore’s rich gastronomical heritage that you’ll enjoy.


Signature Reserve Menu

We have an extensive menu of more than 500 whiskies by the glass as well as bottles for your selection. For the full menu, please drop by the bar to find out more.

Click the above image to download a quick preview (PDF).


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Frequently Asked Questions

Whisky Butlers
Who are the Whisky Butlers and what do they do?

Whisky Butlers are our in-house Whisky Specialists that are trained to recommend whiskies that best suit your taste profile or your mood for the day.

Can the Whisky Butlers share more information about the whiskies beside those that are written on the label?

Yes. Our dedicated Whisky Butlers are passionate about whisky and they can definitely tell you more than what’s on the label.

Whisky Omakase
Is the Whisky Omakase the same kind of Omakase I get from other restaurants?

No. The Whisky Omakase is a Whisky focused omakase. You’ll get to try between 6 – 10 different whiskies based on the Omakase tier you have selected and bar bites and nibbles will be served along the course of this Omakase but not guaranteed.

What are the different tiers of Whisky Omakase you are serving and what are the prices?

We have three different tiers of our Whisky Omakase. They are:

The Journey at $158

The Experience at $258

The Pilgrimage at $358

What do I get for each tier of the Whisky Omakase

The Journey

You will be served between 6 – 8 whiskies (20ml each) along with some bar bites and nibbles to pair with some of the whiskies selected.

The Experience

You will be served between 6 – 8 rare and limited whiskies (20ml each) along with some bar bites and nibbles to pair with some of the whiskies selected.

The Pilgrimage

You will be served between 8 – 10 ultra rare and limited whiskies (20ml each) along with some bar bites and nibbles to pair with some of the whiskies selected.

Is there a deposit required for the Whisky Omakase?

Yes, a $100 deposit will be collected upon confirmation for your Whisky Omakase reservation.

The amount will be used to offset the final bill on the actual day itself.

What if I cannot make it for my Whisky Omakase reservation after confirmation? Will my deposit be refunded?

If you wish to amend or cancel your reservation, you can either do so by emailing us at reservations@signaturereserve.com.sg or via Chope platform 48 hours before your reservation timing.

If the reservation is cancelled before 48 hours from the reservation timing, your deposit will be returned in full.

However, if the reservation is cancelled within 48 hours from the reservation timing, the management reserved the rights to keep the deposit collected for no show.

Whisky Tasting Flights
If I don’t go for the Whisky Omakase, can I still try other whisky by the glass?

Yes, we have opened more than 500 different whisky expressions from around the world for you to try by the glass.

How many different kinds of pour do you serve?

We serve tasting portions at 20ml per dram, or a gentleman’s pour at 45ml per dram.

Cocktails & More
Beside whisky, do you serve any other spirits or alcohol?

Yes. Beside whisky, we also serve Gin, Rums, Vodka, Calvados, Brandy, Wine, and Cocktails.


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